Company Constitution of Volunteering and Contact ACT
A Public Company Limited by Guarantee


Purpose: to encourage reporting of wrongdoing that is of legitimate concern by providing a convenient and safe reporting mechanism, and protection for people who make serious wrongdoing disclosures.

The Board maintains a Governance Charter that defines the rules, responsibilities, and authorities of the Board in setting the direction, management and control of VolunteeringACT. The Charter outlines our approach to corporate governance is based on a set of values and behaviours that underpin operations, provide transparency, and protect the interests of all stakeholders including members. The Charter provides guidance for the Board and management for the development and implementation of our strategic and business plans and works alongside the Constitution (which takes precedence).  

VolunteeringACT also has a number of other governance and business-related documents such as our Policies Manual and Standard Operating Procedures. These outline the Board’s position on issues like delegations, privacy, complaints, WHS, etc as well as the procedures our team follows to enact those policy positions. 

One benefit of membership is accessing services to support your volunteer involving organisation and to this end we can make sections of the Governance Charter or other documents available to members as a template rather than a solution as each organisation will have its unique governance frameworks and challenges to address. 

To find out more about access to sections of the Governance Charter or our other documents, email to chat with one of our team about what might be of use to you. 

Reconciliation Action Plan

VolunteeringACT is committed to reconciliation and this Reflect RAP formalises this commitment.