Volunteer Leaders Seminar 2023 – Highlights

Thank you for being a part of the Volunteer Leaders Seminar 2023, an event organised by VolunteeringACT in recognition of International Volunteer Managers Day. 

The seminar provided a valuable platform for sharing best practice, exploring emerging trends, and forging connections among volunteer leaders. We also held the 2023 Volunteer Managers of the Year Awards ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional contributions of volunteer managers and coordinators from diverse backgrounds. 

Key highlights of the day:

Engaging presentations:

  • Justin Barker, CEO of Youth Coalition of the ACT, delved into the effective use of qualitative and quantitative data to demonstrate the impact of volunteering programs. 
  • Lee Caldwell, Community Engagement Manager of Meridian ACT, showcased strategies for building inclusive volunteer programs that foster a safe and welcoming environment for LGBTQI+ volunteers.

 Panel discussion:

A distinguished panel comprising Jean Giese (CEO, VolunteeringACT), Wayne Simpson (CEO, Rise Above – Capital Region Cancer Relief), Emma Dryden (Community Development Officer, Community Services #1), and Joshua Alexander (Team leader, MARSS Australia Inc.) shared their experiences and insights on how sharing best practices and collaborating with other services can enhance the volunteer experience, optimise program resources, and achieve improved outcomes. 

2023 Volunteer Managers of the Year Awards ceremony

We proudly recognised and celebrated managers and coordinators who demonstrated outstanding leadership in volunteer management. 

To know more about the 2023 Volunteer Manager of the Year Awards and recipients, click here.

The Volunteer Leaders Seminar 2023 was a resounding success with around 90 people in attendance, empowered with the knowledge and tools they need to continue making a positive impact in their communities. 

We are deeply grateful to all volunteers and leaders for their exceptional contributions and encourage all to continue learning, sharing, and collaborating to ensure that volunteering remains a powerful force for good in Australia.