We collaborate with the State and Territory Volunteering Peak Bodies across Australia to produce and organise the best volunteer management resources. See below the list of the most recent updated national resources to support your programs and help you lead volunteers. 

Please note that each page has an introduction article. The resources related to each topic can be found attached at the end of it. The document will be automatically downloaded by clicking on the resource. 

These downloadable resources have been developed under the National Volunteer Management Activity project (funded by the Australian Government). Please note that this information is only intended for general advice. It does not constitute legal advice. 

1. Volunteer Recognition: The value of volunteering is immense and irreplaceable. Find at the end of the following website page, the Acknowledging Volunteers Quick Guide.  

2. Planning and Maintaining a Volunteer Program: You can access here some tips and the following quick guides: Continuous Improvement | Receiving Volunteer Feedback | Effective Reporting for Volunteer Programs. 

3. Developing and Reviewing Volunteer Roles: Learn here how to review and create a role that reflect the values and objectives of your organisation.  

4. Engaging and Leading Volunteers: Volunteer engagement and management requires strong leadership abilities. Find out more here. 

5. Volunteer Conflict Resolution: Visit the Knowledge Base page to download the following resources: Giving Feedback to Volunteers | Managing Complaints | Resolving Conflict and Difficult Conversations.  

6. Recruiting Volunteers: Click here to access the following resources: Interviewing Volunteers | Volunteer Reference Checks | Recruiting Volunteers | Selecting Volunteers | Orientating and Onboarding Volunteers. 

7. Developing Policies and Procedures: Click here to access and download a policies and procedures quick guide and a template to assist you in developing your policies and procedures. 

8. Organisation and Management Structures: For more information, please click here. 

9. Volunteer Motivations and Barriers: There are many different motivations and barriers to volunteering, click here to learn more. 

10. Volunteer Training: Training volunteers is essential for any volunteer involving organisation to succeed, click here to find the quick guide. 

11. Youth Volunteering: What can youth volunteers bring to an organisation? Find the information you need by clicking here. 

Visit the National Knowledge Base here. 

Navigating what background checks are required to maintain the safety of your volunteers and the community can be difficult.

VolunteeringACT have partnered with Synergy Law to produce a resource which can help you navigate WWVP checks, WWC checks, National Police checks and even inter-jurisdictional requirements.

Download the resource here.

The National Standards for Volunteer Involvement (NSVI) are being refreshed to ensure they reflect the contemporary environment and continue to support the volunteering ecosystem. The NSVI Refresh Project will involve consultation with the volunteering ecosystem and draw on the extensive engagement undertaken during the development of the new National Strategy for Volunteering. 

Download the current NSVI here

The aim of this Guide is to promote understanding, healing, and positive relationships between organisations and First Nations communities. It includes accessible and actionable resources that can be used to work towards increased cultural safety in your organisation and to support you to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander volunteers.

Access the document by clicking here

The ACT Budget 2022-23 is scheduled to be handed down on 2 August 2022. Public consultations are open until 27 May 2022 via the Your Say website. ACTCOSS encourages members and peaks to make submissions to the ACT Budget consultation process. Please also share your submission with ACTCOSS so we can help amplify your messages.


Outlines key legal issues affecting volunteer involving organisations

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A handbook of nationally agreed principles in planning for spontaneous volunteers in disasters

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Discusses the management of trained volunteers, and key elements for efficient and effective management of spontaneous volunteers

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Offers a number of steps for action, starting with a focussed Workforce Analysis and ending with how to complete a constructive Volunteer Position Description

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Volunteer involving organisations can experience considerable benefits through adopting a more inclusive approach to recruiting and retaining volunteers

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