2023 Volunteering Awards, Canberra Region

Let’s celebrate volunteers

Every December, VolunteeringACT proudly hosts the premier recognition event for volunteers in the Canberra Region, the Volunteering Awards.

Volunteer managers, volunteers, leaders and friends can nominate outstanding individuals and teams of volunteers as a way of honouring their efforts and important contributions to the ACT community. The ceremony makes visible stories of spirit, kindness, innovation, inclusion and resilience that inspire our whole community.

In 2023, we have received more than 70 nominations, including individuals and teams across nine award categories. The award ceremony happened on Tuesday, 5 December 2023 at the National Portrait Gallery. 


Award Categories

Volunteer of the Year Award

This is the highest volunteer recognition in the Canberra region. Your nomination in any category is automatically in the running for this award.

An individual or team whose volunteering contributions have been instrumental in supporting people and communities through personal or community crisis situations. These situations could include cost of living crisis, food relief, natural disaster or personal crisis. This volunteer or team have demonstrated resilience, problem solving skills and dedication for the cause. 

An Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander individual or team whose volunteering contributions have had a significant positive community impact. For example, an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander volunteer or team who has led the way for positive change in the Canberra community or has shown commitment to the cause they volunteer for. At least half of the team members must be Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander to be considered eligible for this award.   

An individual or team whose volunteering work has had a beneficial social impact by helping to reduce and remove barriers to participation in the Canberra community. This volunteer or team have demonstrated active commitment to inclusive practices and behaviours in their community beyond just recognising the need for inclusion.

An individual or team (aged 55+) whose volunteering contributions have made a significant positive impact on the Canberra community. For example, a senior volunteer or team who have demonstrated commitment through having a long volunteering service record or dedicating a large amount of their time to volunteering within or across multiple organisations.

Canberra's Choice Award

All nominees for all award categories are put forth for this award. The winner is chosen based on the amount of votes received by the public.

A team, program, or organisation who have made a significant positive impact on the Canberra community through the work of their team. For example, a team who have demonstrated their ability to operate as a cohesive team to successfully achieve their work. Another example could be a team who have overcome difficulties and barriers to their work and still delivered outstanding outcomes to the community. 

An individual volunteer or team that demonstrates commitment to the principles of kindness, collaboration, and teamwork in their volunteering and have had significant community impact by their leadership. For example, an individual or team who have shown leadership without necessarily holding the title of being a leader. This award is for a volunteer or team who have made a significant contribution by demonstrating leadership or mentoring qualities. If you are looking to nominate a coordinator or manager of volunteers (paid or unpaid), please nominate in the Volunteer Managers Awards 2023 (nominations will be open soon).  

An individual or team (aged 14-30) whose volunteering contributions have made a significant positive impact on the Canberra community. For example, a young person or team who have demonstrated commitment to the cause and applied a significant amount of energy, thought and skill to their volunteering work. The volunteer or team members must be within that age bracket at the time of their volunteer contribution to be eligible for this award. 

Award Sponsors

Official Event Partner presenting Canberra’s Choice Award

MF&A, a Fujitsu company is a Canberra-based consulting company committed to inclusion, diversity and trust. Acquired by Fujitsu Australia, MF&A aligns with the Fujitsu’s Uvance initiative that provides innovative solutions to address business challenges and solve societal issues.

MF&A, a Fujitsu company (mfassociates.com.au)


Community Support Award Sponsor

Blue Arc IT Solutions are an efficient, supportive and friendly IT service provider in Canberra. Blue Arc provide responsive, customer focused support and have been essential to enhancing the service delivery and operations of VolunteeringACT.

Blue Arc IT Solutions (blue-arc.com.au)


Inclusion Award Sponsor

Fujitsu Australia are proud to sponsor the Inclusion Award as they are similarly determined to address the complex and interconnected issues of sustainability and society through an inclusion lens, to create positive social outcomes for their people, customers, communities, and the planet. Fujitsu’s commitment is driven by their company purpose to ‘make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation’.

Fujitsu Australia (fujitsu.com/au)