Our Members receive valuable benefits including access to free services, events and training to support their organisations. Members also receive regular updates and are consulted on policy and advocacy issues to ensure they are fully informed and their interests are represented. With more than 170 current Members, you will be joining a large community of like-minded organisations represented by the peak body for volunteering and community information in the Canberra Region.

“Without volunteers we wouldn’t exist. Being a member of VolunteeringACT is essential for ensuring that we look after volunteers and ourselves for our own organisational health.” – Member organisation

Who can become a member?

Any public or private organisation who involves volunteers in their organisation or has an interest in inclusion or community engagement can become a member. You must have public liability insurance to the value of $5 million as this will protect you and your volunteers from legal action from third parties where negligence can be proven. You must also have volunteer personal accident insurance to protect volunteers if they are injured without proof of negligence. We also offer a suite of services for businesses and organisations who may not wish to become a member but require our expert advice and services. Contact us to discuss your membership needs or insurance status.

Membership Handbook 2023-2024:

Your guide to benefits, events, and making a difference with VolunteeringACT


With more than 170 Members, our membership is diverse – from small community groups, to large charities and government agencies.

As a Member, you will receive valuable benefits including access to services, training and events to support you and your organisation in the management of your volunteers.

Members can attend member only networking events and receive discounts on tickets to other events and training opportunities.

Organisational Members can post their volunteering opportunities to our volunteering portal to connect with interested volunteers quickly.

We manage an extensive Community Directory, featuring community organisations, groups and services across the Canberra Region. This is an essential resource for members of the public to connect with community groups and services.

Keep up-to-date with our latest events, training and networking opportunities and volunteering and community information news from the Canberra Region.

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