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Inclusion matters. Based on key learnings from the Inclusive Volunteering Pathways to Employment Program, this engaging workshop will explore how to build an inclusive community where people of all abilities and backgrounds can contribute.

The workshop will explore the positive outcomes of inclusive volunteering by reviewing case studies and utilising practical tips to increase inclusion. This workshop will provide you with the skills to remove the barriers to volunteering and provide you with the tools to help young people find meaningful volunteering opportunities.  You will be challenged to consider the benefits that can be unlocked through volunteering, including a stronger sense of social inclusion in your workplace. Identifying barriers to inclusion and understanding simple solutions for removing these barriers will be explored from both the individual and organisation.


By the end of this session, you will:

  • understand Inclusive Volunteering;
  • understand why we strive to be inclusive​;
  • be able to identify barriers to inclusion​​;
  • have knowledge to reduce the impact of barriers​​; and,
  • understand what it means to be part of an inclusive team.

This session will be delivered online via Zoom.

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This training is valued at $80 and paid for by the Australian Government.