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Did you know?

12,500 Canberrans ran out of food last year, including children. 52% of Australians with food insecurity have a job.

Hunger can happen to anyone. Will you help?

ACT NOW! Your community needs you.

With living costs going up, more people are struggling to buy food.

The rising cost of living means more people than ever are going without food in order to make ends meet. This is placing unprecedented demand on Canberra’s Food Relief Network.

How will you ACT to help ensure no-one in Canberra goes hungry?

Donate Time

Give a few hours of your time to help out a local food pantry. You can sign up to be a volunteer via the VolunteeringACT portal or by contacting one of the pantries directly via the Canberra Food Relief Network interactive map. Alternatively, you can find us in-person at the Community Info Hub, located at the Griffin Centre, 20 George Street, Canberra or call us on 02 6248 7988.

Donate Money

Please dig deep! Your financial donation will put food in the hands of hungry Canberrans. Every dollar is greatly appreciated – please donate today here.

Donate Food

Please place some extra non-perishable items in your trolley and donate them directly to your community food pantry. Visit the Canberra Food Relief Network interactive map to find the pantry or relief service closest to you. Alternatively, please visit GIVIT’s ‘What’s needed’ list.

What is the Canberra Food Relief Network?

The Canberra Food Relief Network is a collection of food pantries, food co-ops and other relevant services that help residents within the Canberra region struggling with access to food and groceries. These pantries are run by community organisations, groups, and dedicated individuals across the ACT, with the support of VolunteeringACT.

Each food pantry works to provide a range of goods to address local needs, from non-perishables to fruit, vegetables, meat, and bread, as well as hygiene products and other daily necessities where possible.

These pantries rely upon donations to keep shelves stocked. With more people accessing food services. Food pantries need your help.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Canberra Food Relief Network is a network of food pantries, pantry suppliers, and relevant food relief services throughout Canberra and the surrounding areas. The network has monthly meetings to discuss and share updates, while working together to provide food security to the Canberra region.
Food Pantries are run by community organisations, groups and individuals to provide low cost and sometimes free groceries to those in need. Pantry contents are usually based on what has been donated allowing them to offer a variety of goods such as non-perishables, culturally appropriate foods, fruit, vegetables, cold goods, meat, bread, hygiene products, and other non-food daily necessities when available.
Street pantries are smaller pantries not run by organisations or services, but by individuals and members of the public who want to help their community. Many street pantries are funded by community donations or by the individuals running them. Street pantries are being run from people’s homes, garages, cars, parks, and anywhere they can, so that food can be made accessible for everyone in their community. Remember these can be tiny pantries that depend solely on one or two people so often cannot deal with large quantities of goods in one donation, particularly without planning to engage their volunteers (if they have any). To find street pantries near you that need your help, contact the Community Info Hub located on the Ground floor of the Griffin centre, in the city, or call on 02 6248 7988.
A food bank voucher is issued by care professionals such as health visitors, staff at schools and social workers to people in crisis. These vouchers can be used to receive food from a local food bank. Where to get Foodbank vouchers: St Vincent de Paul, UnitingCare Kippax, Companion House (Cook), St John’s Care (Reid), Red Cross Migration Support Programs, Throughcare. Where vouchers can be used: Communities at Work Community Pantries (Gungahlin and Tuggeranong), Community Services #1 Food Pantry (Narrabundah), Holy Cross Tuckerbox (Hackett), The Food Pantry (Watson), Helping Hand Pantry (St Paul’s Spence), HandUp Food Care (Canberra City Care Charnwood), the FoodHut Co-op (Belconnen), Lyons Food Corner (Lyons), Anglicare Food Fair (Queanbeyan)
There are many food pantries and free meal services available around Canberra. You can find them in our info guide linked here, on the interactive map, by contacting the Community Info Hub located on the Ground floor of the Griffin centre, in the city, or call us on 02 6248 7988.
You can refer to the map above to find a pantry near you.
1. Using the search bar on the map you can search for either a post code or local address OR alternatively you can click on one of the pins populated on the map to locate the pantry closest to you.
2. Once you have located the panty closest to you, click on the pin to discover the pantries contact details and address.
3. Make your donation!
Most pantries rely on donations, so specialty food products can vary. It is best to contact your local food pantry to see if they can accommodate your dietary needs. If not, they may be able to refer you to a larger food pantry that can. Some pantries can provide culturally appropriate food such as halal-friendly meats, and kosher food options, or cater to allergies and other dietary restrictions.
Some pantries may require you to show your healthcare card or pension card, but most will help anyone needing access to food. If you are unsure, contact the pantry to check the requirements.
You are not restricted to only accessing pantries in your area. Every pantry is different, and offer slightly different services, so it is best to find a pantry that works best for your needs.
You are not restricted to only accessing pantries in your area, so if you are in need of food assistance you can reach out to another pantry.
Not unless stated otherwise. Most food pantries, including those located in churches or temples, or pantries funded by religious groups do not require you to follow that religion or faith. If you are unsure, contact your local pantry to confirm.
Some pantries provide casework or crisis support, or are able to refer you to services that can help. You can also access resources such as ‘Emergency and relief guide’ and ‘Hot meal, laundry, and showers guide’ here. If you are needing to speak with someone in person or over the phone about what services and information are available to you, you can also contact the Community Info Hub located on the Ground floor of the Griffin centre, in the city, or call O2 6248 7988.
There are many ways you can help your community with food relief such as donating money or food and items to pantries and services providing food relief, volunteering your time to help the pantries and food services operate, or even by simply raising awareness about how others can help.
To find a volunteering opportunity, you can search here , or you can contact the Community Info Hub located on the Ground floor of the Griffin centre, in the city, or call on O2 6248 7988 For more information.
The needs of pantries vary so it is best to contact the pantry if you want to know what they are needing. Donated goods do not need to be expensive or branded. Some items that can be donated include (but are not limited to) pet food, toiletries, hygiene products, canned goods, pasta, rice, cereals, long life milk, etc. When donating, please note that most pantries will be unable to take fresh produce, meats, or other refrigerated goods.
Every little bit helps, whether you donate regularly, or once off. If you want to make your donation have the best impact, check with your local pantry
If your local food pantry is not listed on the map, you can contact us via our online form here, email us on, or call us on 02 6248 7988
If your pantry’s details need to be updated, you can contact us via our online form here, email us on, or call on 02 6248 7988
If your pantry listing needs to be removed, you can contact us via our online form here, email, or call on 02 6248 7988
There are many well-established food pantries and street pantries that are needing your help to keep running. Before starting your own, see if there are pantries in your area that are already set up and are needing help. If you cannot find any accessible street pantries or food pantries in your area, or if you need further information, please contact the Community Info Hub located on the Ground floor of the Griffin centre, in the city, or call on 02 6248 7988.

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